Car Valuations

Car Valuations

Owners of classic cars, most of the time, will use a classic car insurance policy, which will require an approved agreed value. The club is an approved valuer.

The cost of a valuation is 100€ for non-members or 70€ as a member of the club, and the valuation is provided in English.

Please note, in some cases, your insurance company may require you to be a member of a classic car club so, if you a not currently a member you will have to join the club first and, because all membership applications are reviewed and approved by the committee, who sit on a monthly basis, there may be a delay of a month before the valuation process can start.

Similarly, the valuation research may take a while, so please don’t leave your request to the last minute as we may not be able to respond to your insurance needs in time.

The valuer will require good quality photos, history of ownership and maintenance, all legal documentation and, in most cases, will need to have a good look at the car. Then, by searching for the same, or similar, models and specifications advertised on the internet and consulting the details and prices in valuation guides, will arrive at the value.

If the car is registered in Spain it will be worth more than the same car registered in another country. There is often also a difference in value between right and left-hand drive cars.

Once the value has determined you will be informed and, for insurance purposes, will be required to formally accept the value.

Some more rare and modified cars may be harder to value and the research may take longer. If this is the case, we will keep you informed.

Here is a sample valuation report :

Sample Valuation Report

If you are interested in obtaining a valuation for your classic car, please contact me!

Chris de Boer

Chris de Boer
Valuation Officer