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October 2020 Rally

October 2020 Rally
Date : 25/10/2020
Time : 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location : Bodega Museo Maserof,
6, CV-749
Cost : 28€
Organiser : Richard Rihan
More info :

Details of this rally are still ongoing but we will finish at Bodega Museo Maserof, Jalon, at about 1:30pm and enjoy a 5-course meal, free unlimited drinks and a music entertainment.

The actual cost is 35€ per person but because this a little higher than normal, the committee will subsidise each attendee by 7€, reducing the cost to 28€ per person.

We will be eating inside so the numbers are limited to 40.

Members should consider bringing an extra warm layer in case it is cooler, in which case the owner, Carolina, will light a log fire. Ladies are advised not to wear high heels as the gravel paths can be rough in places. So too are the floors. We will not know what is on the menu until nearer the time because Carolina buys from the local markets and it will depend on what is available. She will need to know if any of you require a vegetarian option and who would like fish, who would prefer white wine and if you have any food allergies. Please make this clear when you book.

Map :
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