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May 2021 Rally

May 2021 Rally
Date : 23/05/2021
Time : All Day
Location : Fuente De Los 16 Chorros,
Carrer Enginyer Roselló, 11
Organiser : Nick & Sue Rudge
More info :

In accordance with current pandemic restrictions, the rally is to be conducted in a Covid-19-friendly manner.

The rally route starts at Di’Fratelli in Ondara where you can have a coffee before setting off if you wish. There is a coffee stop included where, again, you can stop if you wish.

Villalonga, the destination, is a nice town with a beautiful parish church and a large choice of restaurants. From El Porro Canalla on Paseo Presbitero Giner to Casa Babel in Carrer Tarrasso every option is covered. The only problem may be finding a parking space.

There are also picnic opportunities at Beniarres Dam and en route to Villalonga.

The return route is based on heading to Gandia from Villalonga and then joining either the AP7 or the N332.

The rally instructions:

Map :
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