Car Valuations

If you become a member we can value your classic car for insurance purposes.

As we insure our classic cars, most of the time we will use a classic car insurance policy, which will have limited annual mileage, and will have to have an agreed value.

On behalf of the club, I am the Valuation Officer providing those agreed valuations. My background of working in the motor trade in the past, allows me to have a good insight as to how to value a car.

It does mean I have to see it and have good look at it.

Once I have done that I then have to go to work on the internet studying adverts, and consulting valuation guides to arrive at the value.

One thing to note is that if the car is on Spanish plates, it will be worth more than plates from other countries. Also there is often a difference between right and left hand drive values.

Finally, do make sure the agreed value that you have on an existing policy, reflects the market. Some cars are moving rapidly upwards. Some are dormant.

Some cars will be hard for me to value and please be patient if I am struggling with something unusual. I will however keep you informed.
Insurance companies will also want considerable justification if the car is to be valued high. So whilst protecting you it pays to be reasonable as to what the car is worth.

From my point of view, it must be said that the real value of anything is what both buyer and seller actually agree. That figure may differ from a ‘valuation’ which is only a good guide as to what it is worth at a given moment in time.

I will do my best to provide you with the best possible service I can and as promptly as I can.

John Le Sueur

John Le Sueur
Valuation Officer